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Fitting and Order Process

In more than a decade, SuitFitter has dressed those who are great and those who are good as well as those who are small. Throughout its decades-long history, generations of talented craftsmen – and women – have created bespoke garments for customers, forming lasting relationships with those customers. SuitFitter has earned its reputation through its dedication to customer service and excellence.


The first step is to choose the right fabric for you. For this purpose, you’re advised to visit us at our physical location or have a look at our custom process cart to see our style and fabric quality. The fabric you choose is determined by the cost of your Bespoke Suit. 
Our consultants can help you find the suit that fits your body and a custom option is also available if you come to our store.


Once you have selected the fabric, we will arrange an appointment with you for the fitting process based on the time you are available. We usually call you the next day if you want a custom fit.

Please contact us via WhatsApp or Messenger if you have ordered the suit online. He will ensure the fitting and size chart as you need and he will help you to choose the fabric you would love to wear on, customization you like, and all the extra add-ons that are essential for the suit e.g. Fancy Lining, unique monograms, contact buttonhole options, etc.


After we cut your pattern according to your body fitting then we have a personal fitter who will show you to our private (Trailing Room) where you can try all the tailored bespoke stuff that you have purchased from us.

When the suit arrives at your location, please call Danny directly (He owns and manages the custom business). He can manage all the options that you’re looking for.